Alumnae Society Officers

Are you looking to continue to grow the support system, encouragement, and ever long friendships you have made with Kappa Beta Gamma after you graduate? If so, the Kappa Beta Gamma International Alumnae Society would love to have you. The Alumnae Society is devoted to helping members maintain their connections, help develop leadership skills through professional and personal development, and continue on with the passion we all share for Kappa.


Dallas Halldorson

Dallas has been a member of Kappa Beta Gamma since 2011. As a member of the first Canadian chapter of KBG, she takes pride in the International branches of our sisterhood. Dallas is excited to work with the alumnae sisters of KBG in continuing their involvement once their college days have ended.

Vice President
Nicole Reyes

Nicole has been a member of Kappa Beta Gamma since 2013. She enjoys welcoming new members into KBG and watching them grow. Nicole feels it is a true honor to be able to welcome girls into the alumnae society where they can continue to show their love for KBG from being an active sister.

Haleigh Johnson

Haleigh has been a member of Kappa Beta Gamma since 2015. She enjoys helping girls find their home away from home while in college. Haleigh is beyond excited to watch girls continue to thrive in KBG even after their active days have ended!

Jessica Pimentel

Jessica has been a member of Kappa Beta Gamma since 2013. As a founder of the Alpha Lambda chapter she values true sisterhood and friendship. Jessica is incredibly honored to be able to serve on the board for the Alumnae Society.

Social Chair
Sara- Lynn Pelegrin

Sara- Lynn has been actively involved since being a founder of her chapter in 2015. When she is not busy studying for med school you may find her in her closet with the latest fashion or playing with her dog Tia. As social chair Sara- Lynn will be your go to gal for anything event related!