Vice President of Recruitment

Meet Mike

Mike Bertagnolli is the Vice President of Recruitment for Kappa Beta Gamma. He has been on our team since 2017 and we are thrilled to have him! He is a cool cucumber in the middle of all the excitement during recruitment and we are so grateful for that.

Mike was hired on as a team member because he has a passion and a skill for recruitment. He spends his days reaching out to new Colleges and Universities to try to open new chapters, helping current chapters improve their recruitment, and losing hard in our KBG Leadership Fantasy Football league.


Mike was born in Florida and moved to Okinawa, Japan when he was 7. At 11, he moved to Virginia then Alabama at16. When he graduated high school, Mike joined the Marine Corps. He served in the Corps for 11 years as a SSgt and a Cyber Network Systems Chief (aka he was a computer nerd who got to play with guns). He spent a year and a half as a canvassing recruiter and now he works for Kappa Beta Gamma’s International Board.

Mike has lived in 4 countries and 6 different states. His 11 year old son has gotten to see the world with him. His son is a professional YouTuber in training who spends his days watching other kids play games and toys.

When Mike isn’t responding to 100 KBG emails, you might find him playing baseball or softball. He has played his whole life and even for the All-Service team. You can also find him duck hunting or bow fishing (how cool is he?). Mike also loves to travel and experience new cultures and sometimes we’re lucky enough to travel with him!

Mike loves helping people and making them smile and he definitely does all of that for us! Mike works so hard for our beloved sorority and we are grateful to have him on our team. He is an asset and we hope to keep him around for as long as possible! We owe our amazing growth in the past year to him and if you ever need help or have questions about recruitment, he is definitely your guy. Email him at: