Grand Council Treasurer

Meet Ally

My journey with KBG started my sophomore year of college.  A friend asked if I had any interest in starting a new sorority on campus.  I never really thought of myself as the Greek-Life-Type, but she suggested I come to a meeting with a group of other interested women.  I knew I didn't fit in with the groups already on campus, so what harm could a meeting do?  I attended that first meeting and knew that KBG was something I wanted to be a part of.  I became the founding Vice President of Kappa Beta Gamma's Nu Chapter at Franklin & Marshall College.  Through KBG, I met women who felt like family and became not only a social circle but also a support system.  After college, I checked in on KBG throughout the years but wasn't actively involved until several years ago when I learned the treasurers position was going to open up.  I attended Konvention in Seattle and found myself re-connected to KBG and helping the sisterhood grow, as it helped me years before. 


I am also the Assistant Director of Operations at the Connecticut Humane Society.  I assist with directing and overseeing the daily operations of three pet wellness and adoption centers and the a public veterinary clinic.  I was lucky enough to know, from a young age, that I wanted to work with animals.  Before, during and after my time in college I worked in many animal related fields including wildlife conservation, birds of prey, dog shows, grooming, and veterinary hospitals, but my passion was animal rescue. I love it because it gives me the opportunity to have positive and lasting effects on the lives of animals and people every day. I try to live by the standard of "presume good faith." 

I grew up in NY, went to school in PA and now live in CT.   When I'm not busy with CHS or KBG, I like to spend time with my family, jogging, and crafting.