International President

Meet Ashton

Hey y’all! My name is Ashton Rymer, and I serve as the International President for Kappa Beta Gamma. I’m an Alumna of the Alpha Zeta chapter in Monroe Louisiana where I served as INL and Vice President. 

A little about me... I’m 23 years old and married to my best friend, Ethan. We are newlyweds; just married in April 2018, and we are expecting our first baby in late May. I teach 7th grade Science at Vidalia Junior High in Louisiana, but I live across the river in Natchez, Mississippi. I also coach cheerleading at 2 schools and serve my church as the Children’s Event Coordinator. I love to keep myself busy! My husband and I enjoy traveling, watching movies together, and playing Fantasy Football each year. My favorite place I’ve ever traveled was to London England my junior year of high school. I have a passion for teaching science and truly getting to know my students. 


In KBG, I have been very active since I was first recruited in Spring of 2015. I joined Alpha Zeta as an Alpha class member and immediately took a position on Executive Board as INL. I remained on EB as Vice until I graduated in Spring of 2017. I first joined the International Leadership team as US Educator and have since served as US Vice, US President, and now International President. My favorite memories in KBG as an active were sisterhood events and recruitment. My favorite memories since becoming an alumna are all of the traveling I have had the opportunity to do with my favorite people. If you haven’t joined the recruitment team, you definitely should because you are missing out! I look forward to many years serving KBGI and can’t wait to see what the future holds for our beloved sorority. 

Love in KBG forever and ever!