Why I Joined KBG

When I started college I was looking for new friends, new experiences and big changes. So after a tough first semester and a crazy first roommate, I decided joining a sorority would be a great way for me to meet a new channel of people. 

Rush was starting and I was terrified. But I knew that I wanted to try this whole sorority thing out. So I began rush. I was looking for a home away from home. For a group of ladies to fully embrace me and support me for who I was. For an organization to fulfill my time in college. 

So, I went to recruitment at Kappa Beta Gamma Omicron chapter. And automatically I felt accepted every sister talked to me, laughed with me and genuinely asked questions to get to know me. I loved what Kappa stood for and the values the sorority possessed. Character, culture and courage. These core values are ones I possess myself as well, values that were built in me through childhood. So, what a better fit?! 

So why did I joined KBG? Because I was looking for a family, a sisterhood, a support system, a way to give back in the community and on campus. KBG gave me a home and a purpose. 

Love in KBG,