Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can families/friends come and take advantage of the room block and discount tickets?
A: Yes! As long as a sister buys the KBG package. If you or your family have booked a room at another hotel and would like to transfer to the Swan & Dolphin, please contact

Q: Can anyone other than KBG attend the dessert party?
A: Absolutely! All guests are invited if they purchase a guest ticket.

Q: I purchased a ticket and can no longer go. Is my ticket refundable?
A: No. Your ticket it not refundable but it is transferable. If you find another KBG sister or alumnae who would like to go in your place we can transfer your ticket to her. If you decide to transfer, please inform us of the change immediately. Email

Q: Are there any meetings or ceremonies during Centennial?
A: There are no meetings, just fun parties to celebrate 100 years! There will be a Welcome Party, a starcake ceremony at Starball, and closing ceremony at the Farewell Brunch.

Q: What is the expected attire?
A: Welcome Party: Summer Cocktail - preference for blue and/or yellow dress
     Dessert Party: Casual
     Starball: Black Tie
     Farewell Brunch: Wear your letters!

Q: Does the package include hotel and park tickets?
A: No, the package includes tickets to the listed parties. You can book your hotel room in our KBG room block at the Swan & Dolphin for a discounted room. If you book at the Swan & Dolphin, you will receive a discount on park tickets!

Q: Do we need park tickets to attend the KBG events?
A: No. All events will be held at the Swan & Dolphin hotel. If you are one of the first 500 guests to register, you will receive free admission to the VIP Dessert Party as well as complimentary admission to Epcot after the Dessert Party is over.

Q: Do children need tickets to the parties?
A: Children over the age of 5 need tickets for the Farewell Breakfast only. The welcome brunch is adult-only after 8pm and Starball is an adult-only event. Any guest 17 years or older are considered adults.