Why join a sorority?
Your daughter will be joining a group of thousands of women across the United States and Canada. A sorority is a wonderful way to get involved in campus life and the community. She will gain new friends, sisters and many life and leadership skills during her four years and beyond.

Why Kappa Beta Gamma?
Kappa Beta Gamma’s mission is to support Character, Culture and Courage in all aspects of life. We foster high ideals of sisterhood, education, culture, social responsibility, and community in our members. We support your daughter and are working to give her the best opportunities for character development.

What is ‘New Member Education’?
Before each sister joins a Kappa Beta Gamma chapter, she goes through a period of education where she learns about the history, ideals and responsibilities of Kappa Beta Gamma. We do this in order to ensure each member holds their membership in high regard and knows their organization and purposes.

What are here financial responsibilities?
Each member pays semester dues to Kappa Beta Gamma International as well as chapter dues to their local chapter. Their International dues go towards insurance, Konvention, and general administration of the sorority. Their chapter dues go toward running the local chapter and events they host.

What happens when she graduates?
Your daughter is a lifelong member of Kappa Beta Gamma and after she graduates, she will have many opportunities to continue to be involved in the sorority. We have positions as advisors and chairs in which alumnae serve.

How do I get more information and who can I talk to?
If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact our International President at ashton@kappabetagamma.org